3 Oct 10 - Not much to say

posted on 04 Oct 2010 02:40 by cherrykids in LifeinUK
3 October 2010
8.40 pm
Brighton, UK
Hi. Again.
I've gotta say that I write this blog in English according to my mum's advice (which I'd like to say that it sounds more like an order.) She said that this's one of the best way to improve my writing skill. Well, that's quite true but thing is I don't know what should I write in the blog. That's why, here I come, begining with a topicless paragraph or is it already something in what I've written?
Today, mostly nothing much to do so nothing much to say as well. Woke up. Wanderring around the house. Cooking. Chatting with my beloved. etc. Actually, that's quite loads of thing that have been done. 
This is what I ate today in the afternoon. Well, this wasn't my real meal at all, just some kind of 'snack' between meals! It's super easy to make. A plate of tender leaves with tomatoes plus some thin-wafer sliced ham. Then, adding some balsamic vinegar+salt+pepper. Actually, the full set should be completed with extra virgin olive oil but unfortunately, it'd gone without me knowing. 
What's more? Hmm, in the late afternoon, I suddenly just decided to go out to a local supermarket near my flat. (I call it local but truth is it's a chain supermarket.) I didn't know why but I really craved for some sweets. 
Yeah, I ended up with chocolate twist and some...well, snack! It wasn't my fault at all. My first intension was purely for some sweets. My younger sister, she just told me to buy this snack for her and she was just kindly enough to share with me!! Hurrrrr, I'm gonna look like a ballon soon with this amount of snack!
At the end of the day, somehow it just came to my mind that I wanted to take a pic....of myself, of course! Someone had told me that I was some kind of Narcissus syndrom but NAHHHHHH, I am not! I just wanted to try on my new leather jacket which costed me quite a lot. That's all. (Really! you don't believe me? oh, come on!!)
That's it! For today! 
Well, this shouldn't be called 'not much to say'.....I guess but who cares?




Well, the jacket is very stylish)) certainly nice purchase!

#4 By written papers ( on 2010-12-09 01:19

both of them look deliciousquestion

#3 By essays ( on 2010-11-24 04:27

Thanks! but which meal ka? The salad or the snack? lol

#2 By cherrykids on 2010-10-05 02:55

nice meal ! haha ~

#1 By HostChan* on 2010-10-04 19:46