4 Oct 10 - The first day at the uni

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5 October 2010
12.16 am
Eastbourne, UK
Do I write it wrong? No. I'm writing my yesterday diary today! Confusing? Oh, I know you all are better than that. So.....Yesterday was my first day at the university. I mean I've been to the uni before but this was the day that the actual class was held. 
I woke up early in the morning around 7am but actually I set my alarm at 8.30 because my first class was at 11.00 am. No point in waking up early but I woke up early anyway. I guess it may be because of my biological clock. Though, it's good since I'd plenty of time to dress up, eat and all stuffs. (Yeah, I'm being lazy at writing here.)
I'd to show myself up at the bus stop named 'Rottingdean' around 10.00 am that day. This was my arrangement with Katerina, my driver. Basically, she gives me lifts to and from the uni and I pay her money for the petrol. Ways better than using the bus because my uni is quite far away from my flat! It took me 1.15 hours on bus and 40 mins walking before I got to the uni. Quite a long way to travel, right? So this is much better! This is also the reason why I'm writing this blog at 'Eastbourne' not 'Brighton' because I'm at the uni library ;)
(Ok, my flat is at Brighton and my university is at Eastbourne. Though, it's called 'University of Brighton'. They just have so many campus and unfortunately, my campus is in the other town.)
I took this picture at the 'Rottingdean' bus stop. Quite scary, heh?
We went to the first lecture which was 'Introduction to Academic Skills'. Bahhhh, boring. Yeah, that's my first thought but truth was it's quite a useful class! Plus, this class will be held only until this December so....it isn't that bad.
I'm not gonna talk about other classes. There was nothing interesting, just one class gave us a presentation to do. That's it.
Actually, talking about uni life reminds me of something. I was SHOCK when I first saw my timetable. Why does it so little? I have classes only 3 days a week!! Compared to those in Thailand....well, I was quite uncertain and even uncomfortable. Silly, right? I'm getting used to it now and the reason we have so little classes we have to attend is because we have to study by ourselves! Uni life is an independent life. No one will tell you to do this and that. You have to be responsible for your own life!
Back to my story. 
I went home in the afternoon and the view along the road back home was just splendid. I couldn't resist myself to take some pictures of it. These pics aren't half of the real thing. I promise when the time is right, I'll take my Nikon D80 with me and take loads of picture! (Much better quality than iPhone, of course.)
And this was the sea and the Brighton pier!
Ok, and I got home, asked my younger sister and brother what did they want for dinner? And they said 'ลาบ' and I was like 'AGAIN?!'. Anyway, they were ones who ate not me so I just cooked as they pleased. Actually, I did cook other dish as well because I wanted something different so I cooked 'Stir-fried sweet and sour minced beef' but you know what, I got mad at my pan. It made my dish full of liquid! I ordered my new pan (the chinese one, a good quality one) but it hasn't yet been delivered along with my new shelfs, printer and other things so I've to wait. Hopefully, they will all be delivered this Wednesday. Yay!
This is me in my cooking apron, heyyyyyyyy :D
These are my dishes. May not look that good but it did taste good (Ask my young sis and bro for that! Haha) 
Oh, and I received my package from Wiley.com yesterday. Tada~
I couldn't say more than 'I LOVE THEM'. These textbooks are just good! For now, that's all I know, my first impression. I'll say more about it when I start to read them or....maybe when I finish them. (Hopefully, yay!) I may show some of the pages next time. If I can still remember...
Lastly, finish off with this beautiful garden in front of my uni library. See you next time :)




Thanks! :))

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enjoy university life : )

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lol, actually not.

The first dish is mostly sour from lime but still rich in flovour. For the second one, it's quite sweet though.


#2 By cherrykids on 2010-10-05 19:42

believe that it's quite delicious. Its color seems salty.


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