5 Oct 10 - my lucky day?

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6 Oct 10
3.28 pm
Brighton, UK
(in my bed)
As I told you before, since I've so little classes, I've 4 days off a week! lol, Wed-Thur-Sat-Sun!! So here I am, lying in my softy bed, writing a blog about yesterday's story. I look like an unbusy person? No, no, no, not at all. I'll talk about my day-off life tomorrow ;)
Why I named the title 'my lucky day?' ? Well, it's simply because of this!
A gorgeous rainbow in the morning at the Rottingdean bus stop :D I told myself, this might be a signal that I was going to be lucky all day long! yay! 
So...how was my day after that moment? I and my driver waited for the other car sharer and we went to the uni straight after she arrived. I had a meeting with my group at 9.00am in front of the library for doing the presentation I'd mentioned in the last entry. 
Our presentation was about 'Cell Nucleus'. Actually, this presentation thing wasn't mentioned in the handbook (which is used each subject to show what the class is going to do class by class throughout the semester) at all. We had to do this because our lecturer just had her family problem and must postponed the class. 
In my group, there were 5 people including me. Three of them are British and the other is Greek. At first, I've to admit that I felt a bit scared of what native speakers were going to treat me because I've been the only Asian in the course. It wasn't as bad as I imagined. They treated me just as they treated others. I don't mean that they were being super nice to me. They're just as nice as they can be and it's also different from person to person. I'll give you some pictures. Ok, you've someone you like and dislike. They are as well and 'race' isn't an excuse of feeling dislike someone. Well, maybe I'm a bit exaggerate here. Someone might still be a 'racist' but not ones I met. Even if I meet someone who is racism, I don't care. Yeah, I'm certain that I lead my life throughly with the Buddism way and I'm a good person enough. I won't let others justify me and disrupt my path of life. They can think whatever they want, up to them. I'm satisfied with myself here.
Ok, let's end the serious topic ;)
Wanna see inside of the library, here a pic of it. This is a picture of the top floor room. I love this room because It's always quite, perfect place for studying. Other rooms are usually full of students.
After that, I went to the canteen for my lunch to find out that it's closed already! So, I'd to walk to Tesco outside the uni finding something to eat. I finally grabbed this pack of pasta. It's okay, not that good but enough to end my hungry :D
Then, we had this class of 'Clinical Practise' which only was the theory yesterday. I learnt how to 'wash my hand'. Yeah, that's correct. This is a serious thing. British is madddddd about all this health and safety policy and etc. There're loads of them. I can't remember it all now. During the term time, I'm sure I can introduce some to you. Haha ;)
Have you seen Brighton yet? I guess not. I'm gonna introduce some part of Brighton to you. (Of course, not the most interesting part yet)
So many people at the bus stop. I love the way people here and the drivers behave to each other. You know, unlike those rude behaviour in London, when people go in to the bus, they smile. When they leave the bus, they say 'Thank you' and the driver is gonna say bye, thank you and sometimes wish you luck. How lovely, isn't it?
This is a local supermarket which I find my Thai chilli here :)
Morrisons, where I always go shopping for food. Good quality, might not be the cheapest but value the money.
What I bought yesterday. With this amount of food, me, my sis n bro and my mum can survive for 4 days maximum ;) Better cook by yourself than buying those expensive food or unhealthy ready-meals.
On the bus back home. Here, where funny story happened. I sat inside the bus and took this picture and I just realised that the old lady across me, she was looking at me in a curious way so I gave her a smile. Then, she started to talk! lol, what a lovely lady. She said that she saw me around the area for quite a long time, asked me where am I from and else. Someone may says to you: do not talk to a stranger. Though, if you don't talk, how can you make new friends? Plus, this is the way life goes in Brighton. This is how people getting to know each other. This is how they build the society. Again, unlike in London, there you should be beware of strangers. (even though, I talked to loads of completely stranger guys there already when I lived there! lol) I love Brighton. I love the way life is here. 
Ending with what I cooked yesterday.
See you next time :D




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