Much to say? -- I'm too lazy

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11 October 2010
Brighton, UK
I've gotta say that there're loads of thing to be told but I'm too lazy to tell all of the story. Just these 5 days (not including today) make me really tired.
We bought loads of stuff from which is the company that sells almost everything! lol, if you can't think of where to buy just go to Argos and normally, there'll be one for your need.
The problem is the furniture you buy from the store comes as a flat pack which means you've to get it finish yourself! Well, half-DIY I guess. (Actually, not only from Argos but most of the furniture stores do the same) On Wednesday, I went completely out of energy with 3 shelves and 1 desk. By the way, I also got a new chinese style pan and a new wireless printer so that make life much easier ;)
I stayed home studying and preparing for my presentation all day on Thursday. Just walked out to the cafe near my flat once. It's called the 'Ground' cafe.
And there're my afternoon treat after studying all day long ;)
My working space with the new wireless printer (I chose the wireless one because my mum, sis and bro can also use it directly from their computers.)
Ahh, I remembered more, there's one story to tell. During my presentation on Friday, while I was presenting the topic, there're a guy and a woman in the front who kept laughing all the time. You know what I thought at that moment? I thought that it might be something wrong with my English or my presentation and that's really make me feel nervous and unconfident.
Though, I asked my friends after that and they said your presentation and your English were absolutely fine! they might just laughing playing at each other, you shouldn't give them much attention. Then, I can regained my confident after that. Thanks girls, I love you all. 
Laughing while others doing a presentation was just RUDE!
This pic was taken in my anatomy theory class. All the lecture was just so confusing!
Then on Saturday, the Krispy Kreme shop just opened in town! Yeah, you didn't read it wrong. It's the one that people line up for at Paragon (but not here!)
Our box in less than 5 mins. Yay!
Heading back home with my sissy.
Actually, I dropped out and went to the supermarket. There're full of fish today but lack of veggies. Hilarious! 
When I arrived home, my sis and bro were building my bro's new desk. I didn't help to tell you the truth. I was too tired but I did tell them to stop and had donuts with me ;)
And that's Tawan's new desk with the completely new PC set!
I cooked these on Saturday (I guess, I can't really remember which day. lol)
And we had these snacks for late night! while we're watching the X factor!! XD
On Sunday, the only main subject was that I went out to have my ears pierced for the first time in my life. It didn't hurt much but I was still nearly faint when I was out of the shop :'( 
Actually, my sissy went with me to have her ears pierced as well but the shop assistant said that for kids under 16 years old, they must bring their parents along so...poor you, Doun. Next time with mum then. Plus, I must warn you that this ear piercing, even a normal one, still cost you loads. I paid 30 pounds for it (with mum's money) Though, you can be sure that they're very high in hygiene. The one who did this to me, she changed her gloves 3 times! That's quite funny for me but maybe normal for them.
(You can barely see my earrings in the pic but I can't stand and smile to take another pic at that moment...)
I also bought this pot of white flowers to decorate my room. Cute, isn't it? <3
Lastly, bye-bye with these pics of Brighton sky in the morning :)
See you next time! Yay!




I like that krispy kreme shop! so many delicious cookies and bisquits are there))

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wanna eat krispy kreme @ paragon so much haha

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miss youuuu double wink

#2 By BOOK★ on 2010-10-11 23:02

I still love the sky eiei

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